The (State)ment Box

The {State}ment Box
Finally. It’s here. 
I’ve been talking about this for over a year. sourcing, planning, buying and coordinating for months.
Piece by piece the collection arrived at my door. 
Built with you in mind.
As I started planning for this collection, I took a look at my notes from 2017. Remembering what I wanted for my boutique and thinking about who my customers would be was the best! It brought me back to these statements...


A description of you!


   State of Lovely represents the feminine, romantic, beautiful woman who shines from the inside out. She is confident. Classic. Lovely. 


A description of what State of Lovely is all about!


S|L features a modern mix of dreamy, effortlessly-chic fashion... with just a pinch of sass. I believe in well-made pieces that easily transition from season to season and keep you looking lovely all year long.


This is where I get to gush about each piece and why you just have to have it!


Why does this collection shine? Why do I need to give it a try?  Why State of Lovely when I have so many options for a monthly box?


I’m so glad you asked!


The pieces I chose easily work with what you already have in your closet! The collection features colors you love to wear and accessories that are fabulous.


A chambray button down that works with your favorite white skinnies and booties. A utility vest that is clutch in any season and can be worn with several pieces in the collection. A cardi that is perfect for layering in any season and adds a pop of color to your closet. A leopard clutch that I adore. And more...


On trend. Easy to wear. Quality pieces. 


The {State}ment Box is an amazing opportunity to try new pieces in the comfort of your own home... wearing your favorite bra or layered with your go-to tank or paired with the perfect boot from your closet. If you are anything like me, you find yourself standing in the dressing room wishing you had remembered to bring your Spanx or that you had your favorite jeans on!


The {State}ment Box is the answer! 


A personal stylist available to help you put it all together. 
A hand selected collection. Built with you in mind. 
Shopping made easy with free returns. 



Let me answer a few questions for ya... 


1. I want everything?!? Ahhh-mazing!  I’d love to offer you a 10% discount when you decide to keep all the clothing and the accessories from your box! 


2. What if something doesn’t fit or if I decide a piece doesn’t work for me?

I get it! There is a shipping bag and return shipping label inside your box. Package that piece up and drop at the post office. Easy and no additional charge to you. 


3. If I decide I need to return something, what is the time frame and when do I need to get the item back to State of Lovely? Keep in mind that I’m a small biz. A one-woman show. Since I buy a limited about of each piece, time is of the essence, Babe! You will have 3 business days to decide on what belongs in your closet and what you need to return. 


4. Do I pay per piece? Can I just purchase one or two things? Yes and Yes! There will be a price list in each box.  The list will describe each item and offer style suggestions as well as the cost per item.  Remember, choose all the things and get 10%off!


Ready to grab your Box? 


Here’s the skinny ~  add the {State}ment Box, in your size, to your cart for $18.95 + tax/shipping ($5.95). This is not a subscription service! You are simply purchasing one monthly styling fee and the February{State}ment Box. 


The Styling Fee of $18.95 is applied to anything you choose to buy from the collection!


I will follow up with you after the box is delivered to see if you have any questions or if I can help with styling! 

  • Once you decide what belongs in your closet, just respond to my email and confirm your order.
  • I will send an invoice for payment.
  • Keep what you love. Return what you don’t.  

If for some reason you choose not to purchase anything from the box, I can offer you a gift card for $18.95 towards any other item at State of Lovely or apply it to your next {State}ment Box. You choose! My inventory is changing all the time and I have something for everyone!  I'm confident you will love State of Lovely and what I have to offer!


Each monthly box will vary. Expect to see accessories, pieces that work together or can be worn alone, tops, blouses, shorts, jeggings, a dress, a hat or even denim. Promise to keep it fresh! 


I have the best customers ever. I love being able to offer a collection to you with personalized styling ideas and 1 on 1 support to build a wardrobe you love! 


Thank you so much for trusting me to help you look and feel your very best! I’m a lucky gal, for sure! 


Feel free to reach out to me with any questions at or message me on Facebook or Instagram.


While you are at it, make sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with State of Lovely!  Lots of exciting things are happening, girls! Sign up for email updates here!


Ready to grab your {State}ment Box? Add it to your cart here 


I have SIX {State}ment Boxes available! 1 Small, 2 Medium, 2 Large and 1 XL.


All of these pieces run pretty true to size. If something runs a little big or a little small, I’ll adjust the size accordingly. 


Keep this sizing guide for boutique clothing in mind as you choose your box:

Small (2/4), Medium (6/8), Large (10/12) & XL (14)


I cant wait to hear what you think! Love, love, love you!






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