Welcome, Lovelies!

Welcome to State of Lovely! I'm so thankful that each of you are here!  I've been so excited for today.  We are LIVE! 

Did you catch the definition of Lovely on our home page? As an adjective it means charmingly or exquisitely beautiful and used as a noun, a glamours woman.  I didn't actually look at the definition of the word until after I decided on the name for this little boutique of mine.  I had already set up my LLC.  Registered with the State of Ohio. Purchased my business license.  Designed my logo. I was ready! So when I came across the definition, it was one of those moments where it all comes together.  You know what I mean?  When you realize that it was all meant to be. You are doing exactly what you were meant to do.  Yes! That moment!  I took a few minutes to savor that feeling.  It was special and I knew I had to find a way to use those beautiful words when it was time to share S|L with all of you.

I hope you love the first S|L collection.  I have enjoyed every moment of building this boutique into what you see today. There is something for everyone. I have so many ideas and big plans, folks!  Join me on this adventure!

Looking forward to seeing each of you in your favorite S|L piece.  I know you will look lovely.  You are charmingly and exquisitely beautiful! 

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