Monthly Edit

The Monthly Edit? Pre-Sale?  Details, please!

Each Monthly Edit will offer a hand-selected collection put together by yours truly! Each featured styles will have a limited number of each size available. We love dresses, tunics, a beautiful blouse, basics and even a sassy little top from time-to-time!  If there is something you are looking for, let us know!  We would love to hear from you! Email us at

We will also offer several Pre-Sale items each month.  Why do we love Pre-Sale, you ask?  We love it because there is not a limited number of each item available!  Every single one of you can purchase your favorite styles.

How does it work?  I will post the Pre-Sale item on the State of Lovely Facebook page with a link to the web site. You can also come directly to for the details. You will select the size, color (if more than one is available), quantity and then pay for the item.  

Pre-Sale will last Monday-Friday.  Friday Morning, Pre-Sale will close and the order will be placed at 9am.  Shipping will take a tad longer since I will order the item after Pre-Sale closes. In general, please allow 7-14 days for the item to come in.  Once it arrives, it will ship to you as soon as possible. Questions?  Just shoot me an email at