Lace Bralette
Lace Bralette
Lace Bralette
Lace Bralette
Lace Bralette

Lace Bralette

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Hey, Babes! I spent some time shopping today... I ordered one round of this sweater and gorgeous Bralette. I am absolutely keeping a set for myself! It’s pretty hot, right?!? 🔥

I feel like you gals will be in love with this too. I want to open it to preorder!  We haven’t done a pre-order in a while and we have lots of new peeps here! Let’s go over the pre-order details... 

I have an estimated ship date ~ 1/28/19 ~ estimated is the key word. Most of the time, this is spot on. Sometimes my order will even arrive early! BUT on 2 occasions in the last 2 years, I have waited longer. 

I want you to know upfront how pre-order works on my end. Let me know if you have questions! It’s a risk we take when we jump into this pre-order relationship together but I totally think this one is worth it! 😉

I would say an estimated ship date {from me to you} would be the late in first week of February! 🗓 


Meet the gorgeous, Bow Tie Sweater in Black - Fit is true to size. 

- 1 small, 2 medium, 2 large and 1 XL available.

100% polyester 

- Black lace bralette ~ 

- Fit is true to size

- 2 small, 2 medium and 2 large.

Order both and get free shipping! Code BOW! Local and want to pick up? Use code LOCAL at checkout. 

Are you concerned about wearing an open back? Don’t t be! That’s why I chose this Bralette. It offers just enough coverage... just enough to make sure we feel comfy and just enough to keep the look and feel of the combo on point! 


Details 👇🏻