The Mini Box

The Mini Box

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The Mini is a new option at State of Lovely!

Available anytime! 

Perhaps your size was sold out and you didn’t get to order the Monthly {State}ment Box! The Mini is just what you need!

Now offering a way to receive a hand picked collection from State of Lovely to try on at home. Although this isn’t the Monthly {State}ment Box Collection, it might include a piece or two along with a few other beautiful pieces currently in stock at S|L!  If you see something that you would like to try on and you want that piece included in your box, just let me know! 

Each Mini will have 3-5 pieces inside along with one accessory.

Choose your size. Available in small, medium or large. 

If you are looking for our Monthly {State}ment Box, Shop HERE

There is a $10.95 styling fee. This fee goes towards any items you decide to purchase from the Mini Box! 

Buy what you love and return what you don’t!

Effortlessly-chic style, made easy! 

Each Mini will come with a return shipping label and bag. Easy returns and no additional cost!